In VisionFund, everyone is motivated to create hope for the most vulnerable children in the world. That is why we are here. As Director of Social Performance, Johanna has to find ways to measure and evaluate VisionFund’s products and services, to make sure our work is focused on the right actions that will create not just hope, but real transformation of communities and individuals. She also has to find ways for colleagues to inspire one another, to remember that all our efforts are focused on real, individual children. But most importantly, Johanna must find ways to inspire our supporters and stake-holders who make VisionFund’s work possible.

With VisionFund since 2009, Johanna has had a mottled career that includes a stint as a tutor at Oxford and university lecturer in Texas, then 18 years in global bank operations. Throughout her career, Johanna has found the greatest reward in supporting colleagues to achieve their ambitions.

Irish by birth, Johanna has spent significant time in northern Canada and southern USA. She is married to Andrew, and they have one teenaged daughter, Beatrice.