Peter Harlock joined VisionFund as Global Strategy Director in February 2011. The focus of his role is to guide and facilitate the development of strategy at VisionFund global, regional and country levels and in the business processes to scope and enable its implementation.

He has additional leadership responsibility in two other areas, working closely with the COO, namely VisionFund’s Social Performance design and delivery and VisionFund’s engagement with WV in larger scale integrated smallholder farmer programmes.

Peter worked as a corporate banker with Barclays Bank for 16 years internationally, latterly as CEO in India and Country Manager in Singapore. He then joined the UK government international development agency CDC as COO (part of DfiD) at a time when it was changing from a project lender into more of a development equity investor. He subsequently worked for 4 years as COO to Save the Children (UK), which was operating in 75 countries and from there to head up a UK- based child foster care organisation.

Peter is based in the UK, married with two children.